Author - Nicole Harris

Security Training


The GÉANT GN4 project has arranged a series of training events to support the community. The training events have been offered live throughout 2020 /...


CLAW 2020

No other year has shown how important crisis management preparation is as 2020. We have all had to deal with an ongoing crisis, which asked for a...


CLAW 2019

What do you do when a dragon burns down your data centre? Do you slay the dragon? Do you follow a strict organisation protocol – that you know by...


CLAW 2018

How well is your organisation prepared for a network or cyber crisis? Do you have crisis management procedures in place? Do you know who should be...


CLAW 2017

40 representatives from 20 NRENs met in Malaga for the first ever CLAW crisis management workshop organised by GÉANT. During the two-day event, these...

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