Security Awareness

Ensuring everyone in the community is aware of the latest developments in security and the newest risks, is an important aspect of guaranteeing security. After all, if you don't know what to watch out for, how can you protect yourself?

Because of this, GÉANT regularly disseminates security news and recommendations across all its channels.

GÉANT aims to provide cybersecurity awareness insights, while pointing out where to get support and what is most crucial in the fight against cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Month

Since 2019 GÉANT has taken part in Cybersecurity Month, an initiative coordinated by ENISA and the European Commission to raise cybersecurity awareness in Europe.

The campaign, with the dissemination of articles, interviews, recommendations and webinars, presented by security experts from the research and education (R&E) community and industry, aims to encourage end-users to prepare against digital threats and feel empowered to protect their organisation, and themselves, from cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Newsletter

With the increasing frequency and intensity of cyber attacks across all sectors it is vital that the R&E community is informed and aware of the risks posed to their services, data and users.

Research and education could be seen as a "soft target" by some in the hacking community, and so GÉANT prepares a monthly digest of the latest cybersecurity news focused on the R&E community.

You can view the archive of previous stories here.

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Security Awareness Resources Hub

In our Security Awareness Resources Hub, you can find security awareness materials developed by GÉANT, tools made available by NRENs to the community and more general sources with background information on security awareness.

The Resources Hub includes a handy filtering system that allows you to filter the materials by type, language and target audience, among other things. Furthermore, you can see at a glance in the ‘copyright’ column how you are allowed to reuse the material.

Visit the Security Awareness Resources Hub

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Security Awareness Community

Are you working on security awareness in the NREN or wider R&E community? Are you looking for new insights? Would you like to share knowledge, best practices and experiences with your peers?

Whether you are new to the field or have many years of experience, the Security Awareness Community is here to support you!

  • Receive updates and news on security awareness initiatives from GÉANT and the NREN community
  • Stay informed about future F2F and online events and learn from each other
  • Ask questions related to the human factor of security


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