GÉANT Vulnerability Management Service

Proactive Monitoring of External and Internal Systems

GÉANT’s Vulnerability Management Service provides the capability to scan network-attached Information Technology (IT) assets on potential security vulnerabilities. The service is provided by Outpost24, a Swedish cybersecurity company that provides solutions for identifying and managing security vulnerabilities in networks, applications and cloud environments.

Using the results of the service, NREN’s or their connected institutions can:

• Investigate and resolve the reported issues.
• Keep track of common vulnerabilities within IT assets of the NREN or their connected institutions.
• Use the service to audit IT assets to measure compliance.
• Reduce cyber exposure.

The service can be deployed to scan both internal and external IT assets. This approach can be invaluable for institutions where internal systems and devices may not be under the control of IT administrators leaving the organisation exposed to substantial risks.

About Outpost24

Outpost24 helps organizations improve cyber resilience with a complete range of Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) solutions. Our intelligent cloud platform unifies asset management, automates vulnerability assessment, and quantifies cyber risk in business context.

Founded in 2001, Outpost24 is headquartered in Sweden and the US, with additional offices in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, and Spain.

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Externally facing assets - are assessed by Outscan, a cloud-based service operating in Outpost24's private cloud in Sweden. Assessment information is stored in Outscan. The operation of Outscan is controlled via a web browser that meets minimum system requirements.

Hacker in A Box

Internally facing assets - are assessed from a HIAB, a virtual appliance installed behind a NREN’s or its conntected institutions. Assessment information can be stored only in the HIAB, but for efficiency reasons is usually sent to the Outpost24 platform. HIAB operation is controlled via a web browser once deployed in an environment that meets minium system requirements.
Results can be viewed in the Outpost24 portal and include vulnerability descriptions and recommendations for mitigating or fixing the vulnerabilities. Results can be exported in XML, PDF or CSV format.

How to Use

This service is suitable for any NREN that wishes to improve its security maturity through vulnerability scanning for itself or its connected institutions.

GÉANT has negotiated with Outpost 24 to enable NRENs to adopt VMS both for their own infrastructure and to offer the service to connected institutions.

NRENs can provide a managed services to institutions where NREN personnel will undertake the scanning and report results to the institution or alternatively offer the institution management access to their own VMS.

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NRENs wishing to adopt the service should contact Partner Relations.

VMS Infosheet

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