DDoS Cleansing and Alerting

Taking DDoS detection and mitigation to the next level

The increasing volume (frequency, duration and size) of (distributed) denial-of-service ((D)DoS) attacks mean that we need improved detection and response capabilities. As a complement to firewall-on-demand, DDoS Cleansing and Alerting (DDoS C&A) utilises NeMo to alert on potential (D)DoS attacks and a variety of mitigation mechanisms to thwart the impact of these attacks.

The GÉANT DDoS C&A Service aims to:

  • Protect the GÉANT core network and related infrastructure from (D)DoS attacks.
  • Protect (for subscribed customers) NREN uplinks to the GÉANT network from being filled as a result of (D)DoS attacks targeted at the NREN and/or NREN institutions.

DDoS Cleansing and Alerting

DDoS C&A complements the mitigation options provided by RTBH and FoD whilst offering advanced detection and more fine-grained mitigation (scrubbing) to “cleanse” traffic destined for NRENs and NREN customers.

More information and subscription via the Partner Portal.

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