GÉANT Security Operations Centre

At GÉANT, security is our priority. Our team of security professionals work to secure, monitor, and maintain GÉANT's extensive cutting-edge network and infrastructure. In addition, we ensure world-class security intelligence, threat detection and mitigation.

We defend the GÉANT Network

Our team is dedicated to protecting the GÉANT network. With a wide range of disciplines and skill sets our professionals cover all aspects of security.


With the use of advanced anomaly detection and DDoS mitigation tools, our engineers can maintain a holistic view and an understanding of real-time threats against the GÉANT network, allowing our team to mitigate against threats quickly and efficiently...

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In order to protect the GÉANT infrastructure, we use a range of protective tools and techniques to produce a defence-in-depth model...

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Incident response

The ability to respond, assess and mitigate incidents is a primary concern of our security team. Using a range of specialist tools our engineers can respond and adapt to all security-related incidents...

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ISO 27001 certification

We are currently working towards ISO 27001 certification.

Find out more about the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 - www.iso.org/standard/27001

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