CLAW – The Crisis Management Workshop for the NREN Community

CLAW – The Crisis Management Workshop for the NREN Community

The importance of crisis management has been growing exponentially for the NREN community in recent years. In 2016, a group of enthusiastic members from special interest groups and task forces started exploring ways to help the NREN community tackle many aspects of crisis management. This initiative resulted in the first CLAW workshop in 2017, and developed into a yearly gathering attended by NRENs interested in improving their crisis management preparedness and planning.

CLAW workshop
Credit: PSNC

CLAW is a two-day event consisting of:

  • Training sessions addressing different facets of crisis management (such as: stress management, internal and external communication and leadership).
  • Sharing experiences and knowledge between representatives from different NRENs through presentations and working dinners.
  • A crisis management exercise at the end of the event to test the participants’ newly acquired skills.

Each year, on average 60 participants from approximately twenty different NRENs take part in CLAW and take back home all the materials specifically designed and produced for the event. Throughout the years, some of the participating NRENs have also been able to organise for their constituencies crisis management exercises and training sessions with the materials, skills and knowledge acquired at CLAW.

CLAW 2024 will take place from 3-4 December 2024, at La Salle Campus, Barcelona, Spain. Find out more >

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