CLAW 2020

No other year has shown how important crisis management preparation is as 2020. We have all had to deal with an ongoing crisis, which asked for a huge amount of creativity, mental resilience and patience. Maybe some of you are already completely done with the concept of crisis. However, now is also a great time to put in practice what we learned from so far, during CLAW 2020, the crisis management event for the GÉANT community on 1 December 2020. It will be a day filled with top notch training, a keynote that will leave you smiling and a fun exercise. And this year you can attend the whole thing online!


Crisis Management team at CLAW 2019

This year, the programme will consist of one day, instead of the usual two. We will begin with a keynote by Anna Wilson (HEAnet), who, last year, gave another unforgettable keynote about the lessons learned from crisis management during 9/11. This year, she will regale us with a story of another airplane-related crisis, but one with a happy ending this time, to see what we can learn from a crisis averted.

The the day will focus on three parallel, interactive workshops about:

  • Time Management and How to Triage Info
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • How to Deal With the Media

A maximum of 30 people will be allowed into each workshop, to make the experience as interactive as possible.

We will end the day with a short crisis exercise, to test what you learned. It will be a lighter version of the exercise you would normally experience at the CLAW event in person. So this time it will hopefully be a little bit less stressful and a bit more fun. It will be a continuation of the story of the crisis in Guilder, so people who attended CLAW previously (see the clip below for a glimpse of that exercise) might have a slight advantage.

Scenes from CLAW 2019

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