Incident response

Incident response

The ability to respond, assess and mitigate incidents is a primary concern of our security team. Using a wide range of specialist tools our engineers can respond and adapt to all security-related incidents.

To best administer incident response, GÉANT follows standard incident response processes to proactively respond and remediate malicious acts directed at the GÉANT network. Additionally, we adhere to the TLP (Traffic Light Protocol) standard for secure information sharing and prioritisation.

How we provide incident response

Helping defend against DDoS
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a growing form of attack. Implemented services such as Firewall on Demand and remote triggered blackholing aid the process of preventing and recovering from DDoS attacks.

Security Monitoring
Our team are well versed and competent with a range of security monitoring tools, providing coverage of all aspects regarding security.

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