SOC Tools

Providing NRENs with a baseline toolset for SOC services As the need for SOC operations arose within the NREN community, the GÉANT project created an interoperable set of tooling which can serve as a starting point for a NREN’s SOC. This tooling...

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DDoS Mitigation Service

GÉANT DDoS Cleansing and Alerting Supporting GÉANT peering users with dynamic, fast responses to DDoS Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a large and growing problem within the networking community with a large number of NRENs reporting attacks every...

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NeMo DDoS software

Helping NRENs with DDoS and network anomaly detection The NeMo-DDoS software is a powerful tool for Netflow-based DDoS and traffic anomaly detection & analysis. It was originally developed to address NREN-specific network analysis needs and has been...

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Trusted Certificate Services

Increasing online security by facilitating the deployment of digital certificates On 1 May 2020, GÉANT launched the 4th generation of its Trusted Certificate Service (TCS).  This service is offered in partnership with Sectigo, one of the largest global...

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Vulnerability Management

GÉANT’s Vulnerability Management Service provides the capability to scan network-attached Information Technology (IT) assets on potential security vulnerabilities such as missing updates or insecure system configurations . The service is provided by...

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