Training – Client Privacy and Security

Client Privacy and Security

  • 1. Browser Security and Privacy

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    Web browsers have long been ubiquitous as providing a window onto the internet, with their versatility being a key factor in their success. But web browsers can also be (mis)used for tracking the activities of their users. Not surprisingly, the security of browsers and the privacy of those who use them have become one of the most important topics in information security.

    For Firefox and Chromium-based browsers, the session gives an introduction on how to secure them and how to avoid providing unnecessary personal data to websites or browser vendors. Participants are also shown how to avoid being tracked on their personal trail across the internet.

  • 2. E-Mail Security and Privacy

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    One of the oldest practical uses of the Internet is email. Most of us use it on a daily basis, and email has become one of the most important tools of business. Email has also become one of the most universal and persistent sources of privacy and security headaches.

    The webinar gives an overview of the many challenges that email introduces and provides approaches of how to effectively deal with some of its more common issues.

  • 3. Instant Messaging Security and Privacy

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    From the Microsoft Messenger and Internet Relay Chat of the nineties to the more current WhatsApp and Discord, instant messengers pre-date the World Wide Web, and while the client programs have changed and gained functionality, their usage shows no sign of decline.

    Session participants are shown how to secure instant messenger clients and how to avoid common privacy pitfalls.

  • 4. Videoconferencing Security and Privacy

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    Videoconferencing has been around for some time, but its use has increased manifold during the COVID-19 pandemic. With employees being locked down in their home offices, video conferences have replaced business meetings and entire business trips, allowing the illusion of face-to-face interaction. This comes with the burden of an unknown impact on the privacy and confidentiality of the conversations, as well as the security of the client applications.

    The webinar provides an overview of security and privacy issues with popular videoconferencing clients and services and shows how to address them.

  • 5. Office Security and Privacy

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    Many people regularly use programs such as MS Office. Having started as simple text-editing programs, modern Office suites have turned into highly complex applications. They are available on every operating system, including mobile OSs, and are quickly evolving into cloud-based applications, allowing for convenient collaboration. However, the growing complexity of these programs has introduced a number of problems related to both privacy and security.

    The talk offers participants an insight into common privacy issues and security risks and provides some practical tips to address them.

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