TNC Sponsor Webinar: Don’t be a victim. Ransomware can be beaten! 10/05/21 16:00 CEST

Don’t be a victim. Ransomware can be beaten!

Orange CyberDefense

Ransomware and double extortion are without doubt the most serious security threats facing us today. Hundreds of businesses large and small are falling victim each month, and we just can’t seem to stop the scourge.

To help us get ahead, our security researchers have carried out an extensive investigation into the “untold story” of ransomware, including insights into crime theory, the players and business models, the systemic drivers and of course… solutions. We have taken elements of that research and shaped an interactive discussion with you and our subject matter experts to empower you to face the threat head on.

Join the session, on Monday 10th May at 16:00 CEST, to learn how ransomware began, how it evolved into its current form, why it persists and how you can avoid being a victim. With the right mindset, technologies and approach, every business can counter this threat and avoid being taken hostage.

Expert panel

Charl van der Walt: Head of Security Research Centre at Orange Cyberdefense (South Africa)
Diana Selck-Paulsson: Threat Research Analyst at Orange Cyberdefense (Sweden)
Carl Morris: Lead Security Researcher at Orange Cyberdefense (UK)
Thomas Eeles: CSIRT Manager at Orange Cyberdefense (UK)

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