HEAnet deploys the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) on its IP network to increase security

HEAnet is committed to continuously improve internet security and protect its clients. The latest improvement is the usage of RPKI-based BGP route origin validation on its IP network identified as AS1213.

The recent Safer Internet Day was a good opportunity to reflect on what is our contribution to making the internet a better, safer place. HEAnet recognised that in the current times we all hugely depend on reliable and safe internet connections which is why it has become crucial to increase the focus on online security.

Beginning on January 5th 2021, HEAnet enabled RPKI filtering on its IP network. RPKI was developed in 2008 and its deployment began in 2011, however, adoption on a larger scale has only begun in the last 2-3 years. RPKI is a specialised public key infrastructure framework to support improved security for the internet’s BGP routing infrastructure through BGP Route Origin Validation (ROV). Route Origination Authorisation (ROA) states which autonomous system (AS) is authorised to originate certain IP prefixes. In addition, it can determine the maximum length of the prefix that the AS is authorised to advertise.

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