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The DDoS Mitigation Workshop for the GÉANT Community

DDoS Mitigation Workshop for the GÉANT Community – 18-19 May, Vienna, Austria We are pleased to announce that a workshop on DDoS Mitigation, the first of a series of security workshops planned in 2020, will take place on 18-19 May in Vienna, Austria. The main objective of this event is to give NRENs the opportunity to talk about their DDoS experience and situation, including tooling, related network topology and current challenges. The workshop will comprise updates from DDoS-related...

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Treat your data like treasure

Last week I attended my very first Security Conference organised by Jisc in the UK. As a communications professional in R&E networking I need to get a better grasp of this relevant topic, learn about the threats faced by our sector and be able to write about it with confidence and competence. Travelling by train with two technical colleagues enabled me to pick their brains during our journey and get into the cyber security groove. The conference surpassed my expectations, the organisation...

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Security Operations Tools Workshop 2019 – NREN security experts welcome!

At the first ever Security Day at TNC19 earlier this year, SOC (Security Operations Centre) was probably the most frequently used acronym in the discussions. What do our constituents mean when they say that they need a SOC? Do all NRENs need a SOC? What are the most common functions of a SOC and, most importantly, what are the tools that an NREN could use to fulfil the SOC functions? One of the outcomes of the Security Day 2019 was an agreement that the R&E security community should put in...

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