How to secure your passwords

By Guillaume Rousse, IT Security Engineer at GIP RENATER These days, passwords are a universal authentication method, because they are simple to configure on the server side, easy to use from any terminal, and simple to understand for the user. Nevertheless, for an attacker, they are just as easy to steal or guess… Faced with this risk, various recommendations are called for, eventually backed up by technical measures to ensure that they are effectively implemented. However, as with all...

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Demystifying phishing – Part 2

Continues from Demystiphying phishing – Part 1 By Damien Mascré, David Verdin, Laurent Aublet-Cuvelier (RENATER) Phishing aims to steal your secrets. Actually, it is even more malicious than that; it is designed to make you voluntarily hand over your secrets. A bit like a burglar asking you to deliver your furniture to a specific address. Presented like that, it might be said that the approach is unlikely to be successful, yet phishing is still on the rise. Why on earth is it successful...

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Demystifying phishing – Part 1

By Damien Mascré, David Verdin, Laurent Aublet-Cuvelier (RENATER) On the list of the many issues inflicted by emails, phishing appears to be social disease: rare, shameful and unfortunately fatal. Phishing occurs when a message appears to come from one sender when in fact it has come from another. Posing as a trusted third party, the hacker will use the opportunity to steal financial or strategic information. Spam is a problem generally, but phishing exacerbates the issue; it erodes the trust...

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