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Security Operations Tools Workshop 2019 – NREN security experts welcome!

At the first ever Security Day at TNC19 earlier this year, SOC (Security Operations Centre) was probably the most frequently used acronym in the discussions. What do our constituents mean when they say that they need a SOC? Do all NRENs need a SOC? What are the most common functions of a SOC and, most importantly, what are the tools that an NREN could use to fulfil the SOC functions? One of the outcomes of the Security Day 2019 was an agreement that the R&E security community should put in...

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CONNECT interview, Mark Tysom, Product Manager, Jisc

CONNECT attended Jisc Security Conference 2019 in Newcastle and caught up with Mark Tysom, Cyber Security Product Manager for Jisc to learn more about the history of the conference and its growing importance for the organisation and its member base. Now in its fourth year, how has the Jisc Security Conference evolved? The first Jisc Security Conference took place in London in 2016, and its launch coincided with the creation, within Jisc, of a dedicated security division in response to the...

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