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The first steps for the North Macedonian CIRT: Interview with Prof. Sonja Filiposka

The CIRT of the Faculty Computer Science of the University of Skopje was founded 2.5 years ago as the result of a cybersecurity exercise which brought to light the need to raise cyber security awareness and coordinate the response to potential cyber security attacks. The CIRT’s objective is to raise awareness among students and within the faculty. Students tend to focus primarily on their assignments and their results, less on security. The CIRT aims to underline the importance of all...

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From phishing to CIRT: How the first academic CIRT was established in North Macedonia

By Sonja Filiposka and Anastas Mishev, respectively head and former head of FINKI CIRT Nowadays phishing attacks are one of the most notorious and dangerous threats to any organisation. It is estimated that the financial impact of phishing attacks could reach up to 5 billion dollars per year. Due to their wide-spread nature and impact, awareness raising for such malicious activities is one of the major cyber security measures. Human nature is what makes such attacks possible. Based on the...

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