Harder times for fraudulent online shops

With online commerce on a steep rise, the potential for luring customers through false online shops is also growing. Now, however, Switzerland’s national research and education network SWITCH is working with partners to make things harder for the perpetrators. A new tool will spot patterns in the way fraudulent web shops are set up and enable fast action to delete them. During three months of operation, a total of 90,842 new Swiss domains ending with .ch were registered. Of these, 411...

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Phishing: how our university is dealing with this challenge

By Hendrik Höcke, IT security officer at the Zurich University of the Arts Whether with dynamite or a spear, phishing is a huge challenge for the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Currently, we reject more than half of the e-mails we receive every day, and the trend is rising. Of course, not all of them are phishing messages, but a serious separation from spam, scam and phishing mails etc. is hardly possible. Technical measures Sender Policy Framework (SPF) profiles and blacklists are used...

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SWITCH Security Awareness Day 2020

Tuesday, October 27th | 09:00 – 17:00 | University of Bern & online A mature approach to information technology requires a basic understanding of its possibilities and the processes behind it. Most people have sufficient knowledge to use the Internet and relevant technology. However, this knowledge is not always sufficient to deal responsibly and self-determined with one’s own data. The problem has long been recognised. Security Awareness is supposed to solve it. But the...

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