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Ransomware attacks affecting the Irish Higher Education Sector

Ransomware attacks on Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the world have been increasing recently and for some colleges and universities, this has been devastating. Recently some HEAnet members were victims of such attacks. Colleges and universities handle large amounts of data such as personal information on staff and students, including information like names, birth dates, contact details, as well as financial records. Additionally, they manage sensitive research data, patents, or...

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HEAnet deploys the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) on its IP network to increase security

HEAnet is committed to continuously improve internet security and protect its clients. The latest improvement is the usage of RPKI-based BGP route origin validation on its IP network identified as AS1213. The recent Safer Internet Day was a good opportunity to reflect on what is our contribution to making the internet a better, safer place. HEAnet recognised that in the current times we all hugely depend on reliable and safe internet connections which is why it has become crucial to increase...

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How Security Awareness can aid our fight against phishing

In the current climate we live in with many of us working remotely or from home, the importance of security awareness has increased drastically. It is known and has been publicised that much of cyber risk can be associated with a potential lack of a security aware culture. An Irish Times newspaper article in September 2020 described how human error is a major driver of cyber incidents and the financial losses around them – which accounts for 95% of all breaches. By Louise O’Sullivan, ICT...

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